The artistic touch to the kimono robe

Kimono robes usually provide a feeling of comfort along with giving the authentic look. The kimono robe is used as sleepwear, loungewear, outerwear, or even in the form of a dress. The best part of the kimono robe is the comfort they provide and can be worn all-round year. silk kimono robe is preferred by many as they have an elegant touch. When they come along with the accessories, they are much more inspiring to be worn.

Patterns of kimono robe:

The kimono robes are mainly built on the traditional base so the pattern has much of its influence. The pattern is mainly inspired by the traditional kimono motifs and yukata. These garments are most often used in the form of canvases to show nature’s beauty which changes in terms of seasons.

The pattern that is used on the kimono robes is mainly in the form of floral patterns which is very much prevalent. The patterns are available in the form of clouds, animals, birds, and waves which has a style statement of their own.

Some of the silk kimono robes come in the form of stylized form of symbols as well as tamped repetitively to create patterns. At present, there are also inspired by pop culture as well as the kawaii culture like sweets, glasses and cats, and many other varied patterns.

Traditional woodblock print:

Ukiyo-E form of woodblock prints has an endless source of inspiration. The kimono robe is usually remixed as well as reinvented in varied forms. Many pieces of artwork can be seen on the kimono robe.


Most of the time the casual form of summer kimono can be paired with thong sandals, geta along with a wooden sole that is elevated. In the case of zori, it can be accompanied by leather, vinyl, or lacquered which has wooden soles that can be worn with the formal form of silk kimono.

The traditional wooden zori and geta are not the comfort pinnacle but when the kimono robe is worn with Zori Japanese slippers serve as an ergonomic form of alternative to traditional footwear. In the case of those who like to wear a kimono robe in the form of loungewear or a coverup, it can pair up well.

To have the elevated look it can be accompanied by hoop earrings as well as with cherry blossom form of kanzashi silk kind of hair clip. Both are handcrafted skillfully in Japan using high-quality materials.

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