Shoes For Men And What To Pair With Them

Shoes decide what kind of a person you are. Oh no! We are not talking about personality. We are simply talking about your likes and dislikes and occasions. If the shoes are formal, you are attending a formal event or going to the office. Similarly sneakers could mean a casual hangout, a date, or a hike! Men’s shoes are as important as their attire. A formal dress would require formal shoes and so on. Though, some may prefer not going the dress code way and wear shoes as per their wish, style and desire. But one thing is for sure we want more than one pair and more than one type of shoes. So let’s go down this journey and get a better understanding.

Type of Shoes

Whatever attire you are wearing, the right footwear is a must. Different types of shoes suit different kinds of occasions. 


When we say sneakers, we either mean the kind of shoes that are worn in casual settings or for some sporty activity. Many people go for a morning jog, trek, and workout. All these activities can be performed wearing sneakers. Comfort is the main element of these shoes. Earlier versions were heavy. Now, most sneakers come in a lightweight variety as well. Comfort aside, a style quotient is related to it, making sneakers a must-have option. Well-suited with jeans or any casual clothing makes it a versatile choice. Go for a generic colour if you are a believer in minimalism, or go for different and vibrant pairs if you are a collector.


They are not shoes exactly; they are a type of sandal with no back straps. The sound they make while walking gives them their name. There is no backstrap, so they are loose at the back part of the feet. They are easy to wear; slip your feet inside them. They suit laid-back places; they are used as they are good to use at homes or beaches. They come in a variety of colours, many of them bright to suit the beach vibes. Some come in sombre colours too. Whatever the colour, one common thing is comfort. The material could be rubber, plastic, or a cross of both. Have footwear items to prepare for a beach vacation or move around in the house.


These are great towers, and we will tell you why. Slip-Ons are a type of shoe that does not have laces to tie. This makes them easy to wear, and the best part is that they come in formal and casual styles. Some slip-ons have a design that would fit both settings but must be searched. It is better to buy slip-ons as formal wear if you do not like to tie laces. It also helps when you want to save the precious minute before going off to a party or office. In terms of comfort, they are comfortable, and there are some sub-styles in them, which you can choose per requirement.

Good shoes and well-fitted footwear make an impression. It is good to buy beautiful shoes, but comfort is the ultimate requirement as our feet carry the whole weight of our bodies. Always go for good quality shoes. Go for generic colours if you buy the first pair of a type. All-in-all, shop for shoes that display both your thinking and comfort. Jack&Jones has all kinds of shoes for you to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Get shopping!


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