Push Your Style Further With The New Rolex Watch Series

In an era where smartwatches are taking the space on most wrists, Rolex is one brand that has retained its space intact and won’t be budging soon. The reason is quite evident as Rolex doesn’t stop surprising their customers by introducing new models and providing them with the tools to flaunt their style. https://nggtimepieces.com/rolex/new-watches-2022/.

Curious to know the new series? Let’s explore them further.

· Rolex Air King

The watch features a black dial with 3, 6, and 9 numbers a bit large to mark the hours. The navigation time reading is enabled with a distinguished minute scale. The Air-King letterings are the same which were used in the 1950s model.

The steel casing is composed of Oystersteel to provide maximum resistance against corrosion. In addition, Oystersteel is widely known for its quality of retaining beauty even in the most adverse conditions.

The Oyster bracelet, equipped with an Oysterlock folding clasp, averts unprecedented opening. In addition, the Easylink comfort extension link helps extend the bracelet’s length by approximately 5mm to provide extra comfort.

· Rolex Gmt Master-II

The GMT-Master II also features a black dial with a Chromalight display, enhancing the dark’s legibility. The time markers are creatively shaped in triangles, circles, and rectangles, emitting a long-lived glow. The Cyclop Lens and date aperture are located at 9 o’clock.

The Oyster bracelet is the same as Rolex Air King.

The watch comes with 24 hours rotatable bezel which can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise.

· Rolex Daydate 40

This watch comes with an ice-blue dial and is made up of platinum.

The fluted bezel is another significant feature of this watch. Initially serving a function purpose, the fluted bezel has become an aesthetic element of the Rolex watches.

· Rolex Yacht-Master 42

The black dial of this watch is similar to the GMT-Master II with a Chromalight display and time markers with geometric shapes. This watch also has a bidirectional rotatable bezel with raised polished numerals and graduations that distinguish clearly against a matt, sandy background. The sailing time between two markers can be calculated with this functional bezel.

· Rolex Datejust 31

The Datejust 31 features an Azzurro-Blue Dial, a distinct face of a Rolex watch. The hour markers are crafted from gold to prevent deterioration. The bezel is fluted, similar to Rolex DayDate40, now an aesthetic element of the Rolex watches.


Rolex watches add value to your style. One of their significant features is showing accurate time and being resistant to complex environments. As a result, any Rolex watch is value for money and a technique to be flaunted.

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