Maintenance And Disposal Tips For Surgical Instruments

Whenever you come in contact with any surgical instrument, it is essential that you maintain the instrument well. The maintain ace is not only good for hygiene but proper care and maintenance of these items lead to longevity of the instruments.

After each procedure, you must follow a set of cleaning process. Of course, you use disposal surgical items such as masks, gloves, and scrubs, which are thrown right after the use, but the piece of medical equipment should be sterilized and cleaned well before they are put to use again. 

You are using stainless-steel instruments and they are often viewed as the best instruments. However, there is no guarantee that they will not rust. They are not entirely corrosion resistant. 

The cleaning and sanitization process of these surgical instruments is quite complex and it has become more difficult due to several advancements, therefore, these instruments should be handled carefully. We will walk you through certain steps that will help you maintain all your surgical equipment properly. Meanwhile, you can buy disposal masks or medical gloves online from us. 

Check the following: 

  1. After use, clean and dry your instruments: Well, if you are working in the medical profession for quite some time, you will already know about the importance of sterilization of each instrument or equipment that goes into use. After using these pieces of equipment, the residue can cause staining. So, rinsing the equipment is necessary. It is recommended to use warm or cool, distilled water along with solution with pH level less than 10 for cleaning, rinsing and sterilization. Once the instruments are washed, they should be put to dry thoroughly to reduce any risks of corrosion or water spots. For things like scissors and forceps, you need to make sure that they are dried in an open position. Always store instruments in dry areas. 

  1. Instruments should be used for what they are made: For each medical procedure, there is a set of instruments to be used. The protocol has already set forth and so you should also ensure that these instruments are used for the intended purpose only. Incorrect use of any equipment can damage your expensive instruments beyond repair or can impact its performance. 

  1. Never put your instruments in saline or any other harsh chemicals. All your medical instruments must be cleaned and sterilized but we already stated that whatever solutions you are using, the pH level should be less than 10. If you use harsh chemicals and keep the instruments soaking in it for long hours, the instruments will corrode soon. 

  1. If you are manually cleaning the instruments, use softer brushes. Nylon or stiff plastic brushes are quite effective for manual cleaning and you should pay special attention to the hard-to-reach areas and moving parts. Never use a steel wired scrubber as it can damage your instrument forever. 

  1. For instruments with metal-to-metal action, use good quality lubricants. If you want to use lubricants, you must only use surgical grade lubricants. Never try to use any WD-oil or other industrial lubricants. When you are cleaning instrument like scissors or needle holders, sterilize them in open positions. 

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