How can you look for the best necklaces to wear?

Wearing the right necklace can pull off any outfit you have, and it will be a point to a woman’s body. The first thing you must learn is the different necklace lengths. You have to consider the features in your body, like face shape, height, neck, and body type.

Face shape

Aside from the necklace that is an accessory, it will help to frame your face. It will help you choose a necklace to match your most robust facial features. Women with round faces must avoid wearing short necklaces or chokers. It will show the roundness of their faces. Oval-shaped faces can be an advantage of wearing a necklace since they can wear at any shape or length. And those with long-shaped faces have to wear shorter necklaces. Wearing short and round necklaces can keep from adding length. You have to look for princess and choker necklaces that measure between 16″ to 18″. For heart-shaped faces, chokers are perfect for them or any short necklaces. It will create an illusion of balance and a narrow chin.


Height will be another factor you must look out for when choosing a necklace chain to match your body type. When you have a height of 5’4″, it will look best when you wear a 16 to 20-inch length necklace. Wearing a long necklace can overwhelm a more petite frame. Those that have a height of 5’4″ to 5’7″ can wear any length. Taller women that have a height of 5’7″ or higher can wear any length they like to wear. Longer chain-style necklaces are suitable for taller women. It will look good because they match a tall frame.


When you have time, you can measure your neck before you buy any necklace or a choker. The best way for you to measure your neck is to use a measuring tape and wrap it close to your neck. When you have the measurement, you must add two inches because it will be the best length for chokers. You can add 4 inches, which will be the best length for a pendant to attach to an 18-inch chain for women. Chokers will look best for people with long necks, while short necks will look good without them.

Body type

And it would help if you remembered that other people’s eyes would stop where your necklace ends. You have to avoid necklaces ending there when you don’t want them to look in a specific part. For women with smaller busts, wearing a long thin chain or layered chains will look good on you. It will be a kind of necklace that sits on the bust line you must avoid as the length will not hang properly. But instead, you use a necklace that sits slightly higher on your body.

And now, you can buy necklaces online by using these tips to find a necklace that suits you well. Knowing your face shape, body type, neck size, and height is better than knowing what necklaces to buy.

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