Encourage More Local Support With Welborne Corporate Image Uniforms For Hospitality. 

Uniforms for the hospitality industry from Welborne Corporate Image deliver a pristine appearance for your business and offer comfort and functionality to those who wear them. 

The hospitality industry is one that is constantly in the public eye, scrutinised against competing businesses to find the best quality in experience and service. With the restaurant, hotel, cafe and coffee culture booming in Australia, small and large hospitality businesses alike are prioritising the appearance, efficiency, and durability of their uniforms, as they are many times the influence behind your brand perception and recognition. 

Visitor’s to your establishment will have criteria they expect you to meet right from the moment they step through your doors, which means the staff that greets them are your first line of contact that set the tone for the customer experience. So, are they making the best possible impression? As the saying goes ‘you eat with your eyes first’, it couldn’t be more true that your uniforms contribute significantly to the overall experience that your establishment has to offer. 

Thankfully, when you choose the expertise and craftsmanship of Welborne Corporate Image, you receive the highest quality and most beautiful hospitality uniforms that are assured to leave a lasting impression on your customers! So, get in touch with us today for Australia’s best hospitality uniforms! 

Promote Staycations. 

When it comes time to take a much-needed and well-deserved break, people look for a destination that offers luxury, attention to detail, and above and beyond customer service. Typically, people look for vacation destinations away from home, but when you invest in high-performance and quality hospitality uniforms, you can give them a reason to turn their getaway into a staycation. 

Whether you’re a BnB, hotel, restaurant, or five-star golf estate, local support is just as important as international. So, when your local community decides to spend their holiday at your establishment, you know you’re doing something right, and a quality uniform can help ensure you attract customers year-round. 

Features Of A High-Quality Hospitality Uniform. 

Hospitality workers are some of the most hard-working people, which is why their uniforms play such an integral role in their performance and productivity. If you’re climbing up several steps and walking for the majority of the day, you don’t want to be stuck in a uniform that is uncomfortable, rigid, and difficult to use. Instead, you need something attractive while providing breathability, comfort, flexibility, and functionality to help you perform at your best.

When you are constantly in view of customers, you need to maintain a professional image that resonates with the professionalism and expertise of your brand, nurturing a cohesive customer experience at every stage of engagement.  

Things To Consider When Designing Hospitality Uniforms. 

Whether you choose to design your uniforms yourself or entrust the design to a professional, there are key elements to consider before starting the sewing machine. Let’s discuss: 

  1. Brand perception. Your uniform is a carrier of your brand and should therefore integrate the colours and graphics of your business logo. Depending on the type of establishment you run, you can choose to have it sewn on or printed in various sizes to meet your marketing and branding requirements. 
  2. Purpose of the work. Hospitality affords many work titles, from bartenders to housekeeping staff and management, so the uniform you design should coincide with the nature of the respective job.
  3. Venue style. If your venue is a luxury establishment that prioritises fine dining and elegance, your employees will look out of place in a casual uniform, and it will downplay the quality of your brand. Therefore, your venue style should be considered in the overall design of your uniforms. 
  4. Climate. Employees should be dressed according to the climate, ensuring they are comfortable and can work efficiently. Various materials can be used to create the ideal uniform for either hot or cold climates to ensure your staff feels as comfortable as possible. 

When you invest in hospitality uniforms from Welborne Corporate Image, you’re given the best of Australian standard clothing for your business. So, visit our website today to view our collections, and give us a call to schedule an appointment!


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