Dresses You Cannot Do Without

Dresses are an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe. They are available in wide varieties to suit any occasion. They come in various colours and shapes as per your choice. Dresses have a history of their own. They have gone through multiple changes, whether it be the dresses of the US and Europe during the 1920s (yes, the Flappers!) or the dresses of the 1950s, when far more variety of design and fabrics was available after world war II. Some of the dresses were long dresses.¬†

Essential dresses

Coming to the present, we have a wide variety, and some are must-haves in your wardrobe.

Maxi dresses 

These long dresses have long been popular and were worn by college girls in the 1970s in India. A maxi dress goes up to the ankle and sometimes to the floor. Popular attire in all seasons, it comes in different necklines. Loose-fitted maxi dresses are suitable for casual and comfortable wear. Fitted dresses are preferred by many for parties. They also vary in cuts and slits. Lighter fabrics with thigh-length slits and preferably floral prints are suitable for beaches. Maxi dresses have a counterpart in maxi skirts, which reach the ankle but are worn with tops or tees.

Shirt dresses

Shirt dresses were popular in the 1920s, especially sports dresses. The shirt dress essentially looks like a long buttoned shirt that comes up to or above the knees. Generally, the belt is worn with shirt dresses to make them fit at the waist. Someone who wants a comfy look can go beltless. Shirt dresses also come with elastic at the waist. Denim shirt dresses are popular, too, as they give a relaxed, casual vibe. Women prefer shirt dresses for their universal appeal. They can be worn with or without accessories and provide a rugged look or act as a dressy dress.


Jumpsuits are again an extension of the 1920s. Jumpsuits were introduced in 1919 for parachute jumpers. It is a one-piece dress that originally had full sleeves and thick fabric. Fashion made its way to the jumpsuit, and it was made with lighter fabrics. From a functional dress to a party dress, It still comes in ankle length, but the sleeve size varies. It can be sleeveless, halter neck, short sleeve, or even off-shoulders. The original jumpsuit was loose in fitting and had a waistband. Now the jumpsuits are fitted at the torsos and go open or fitted over the legs. All in all, it is a must-have clothing item that can elevate your wardrobe to another level.

Dresses improve a woman’s wardrobe, whether long or of any length. Everyone has their own choice and style, but some of the dresses must be included to make your wardrobe vibrant and diverse. Whatever the occasion, your dress will save the day while keeping you comfortable. Go on and shop for the variety you want to have, or have some more of the existing types on the Vero Moda website now!


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